Agrikea is addressed to the true nature lover who wishes to have a different holiday experience. The philosophy of Agrikea is beyond the limits of the classical beach holiday, without excluding it. Agrikea is suited to guests who wish to experience the unique environment of the island, to enjoy the culture of the place, while relaxing on the farm, a special refuge. From a central vantage point in the island the guests have access to the roads leading to all the beaches on the island while they are in close proximity to the harbor night life.

The farm guesthouse is built based on the traditional architecture of the island taking it a step further. A lot of local elements have been used (like the local stone walling) in order for the building to be in harmony with the landscape. Private outside spaces have been created for every studio – bedroom – suite, while numerous common outside spaces for activities and relaxation exist throughout the 1 hectare farm.

In Agrikea we pay a lot of attention on the protection of the environment. The water used is mainly collected rain water, while there is a biological recycling unit for watering of the farm (please see "Environment Protection")

We provide our guests with biodegradable soap and shampoo and the cleaning of the spaces is done using bio cleaning materials.

Over and above the relaxed island style hospitality, there is the opportunity for the guests to participate in a range of activities organized by the farm. Particular thematic weeks are to be organized for those wishing some activity focused holidays especially during the periods of Spring and Autumn.