Paths – Beaches

On Kea there is a dense network of ancient stone paths that have been cleaned up, sign posted and declared as Network of Paths with Cultural Significance. These, pass by and end at the most important spots of the island. Following these ancient routes, today’s visitor-walker is linked with the historical and archeological past of the island. Up until now 12 such routes have been selected and sign posted adding up to 36km of walking. Agrikea is linked to the main village with one of these paths and the walk takes 45 minutes.

Kea has a variety of beaches, from the organized busy ones with deck chairs and beach bar like Koundouros. Beaches with water sports like Koundouraki. Quiet beaches, organized with deck chairs and umbrellas like Xyla. Natural beaches with shade found under the trees and the rocks like Sykamia. Pebbly beaches or sandy beaches and those where you can be on your own if you are prepared for a good walk to get there.