Religious & Cultural Events

Greek Orthodox Easter
The biggest religious celebrations for Greek Orthodoxy are celebrated enthusiastically in Kea. Particularly impressive is the celebration of Good Friday in the main village where the processions from three churches end up meeting in the main square.

Savior’s Festivities
On the night of the 6th July, The society of Saint Isodore in Poisses organizes a big celebration on the beach with traditional music, local food and plenty of local win.

15th August Festivities
On the night of the 15th August you can experience a true Kean festival till the early morning hours, enjoying your meal and wine in one of the taverns on the main village watching the band playing and the locals singing and dancing traditional dances for the ascension of the virgin Mary.

August full moon
The biggest full moon of the year is celebrated with an informal picnic on the terrace of Saint Symeon chapel on the top of a hill at the time of the moon rise.

Fairy Tale Festival
International Festival taking place on Kea every summer. Every year numerous acclaimed storytellers, musicians and artists from Greece and abroad participate. Its objective being the promotion, the multisided approach and the spread of the cultural heritage and tradition. The audience is made out of people of all ages and the places where the festival activities take place are scattered all around the island and they are locations of particular natural or historical importance. The program includes storytelling, musical and artistic performances, theater, puppet shows, shadow shows, book presentations, speeches and educational labs for adults and children, all around the subject of the fairytale and the myths.