The 1 hectare farm is situated on the northern traditional terraces of the beautiful and wild island of Kea. Overlooking the Aegean sea with a panoramic view -west to north-.

Combining the allure of rural nature, the farm Agrikea is within easy reach of the popular destinations on the island. It is 4km from the port, 5km from the main village and 4km from the lively yachting quay of Vourkari. It is also adjacent to an ancient stone footpath (“steni”) connected to a network that runs all over the island.

A panoramic view of 180 degrees encompasses Evoia, Attica, Makroniso, Peloponnesus and the main sea thoroughfare in between. In front of the farm you can see the low hills and the valley of Fotimari covered in almond groves and grazing fields.

The farm is carved into the slope of the hill with terraces supporting oak and almond trees, those being the natural continuation of the island’s forests, where the majestic oak trees (Quercus ithaburensis, ssb. macrolepis) cover big parts of the inner island.
The farm had not been cultivated for at least the last 60 years, as it was used only for grazing. This has ensured its soil is free from chemicals and pesticides allowing for ecological farming. Since 2009 the restoration of the farm has progressed using Greek native trees and plants which are in harmony with the island nature.

The restoration started with the rebuilding of some of the terraces, using old stones from the surroundings. At the same time trees, burned in a fire in 2007, were pruned back and the natural rejuvenation of the existing oak and almond trees was encouraged. The fertile land was planted with olive, fig, pomegranate, almond ,pistachio, carobs, cypress, bay, oak trees and tens of other varieties of Greek plants and herbs.

With the conclusion of the restoration, in total 250 trees have been planted. The surrounding garden, including a walled vegetable garden, produce some ingredients for the breakfasts and snacks for the guests and for small farm production.

The produce is biological, free from chemicals.

Chickens and guinea fowls have been added to the farm and they roam free. The chicken eggs are served in the breakfasts.

The guests of Agrikea are able to wander around the farm and discover the various secret corners that it offers for relaxation, tranquility and the opportunity to get their hands dirty helping with the gardens.